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Building Bright Futures Project

Helping families to make positive changes


This is a continuation of our Empowering Parents to Achieve project.

It will provide support to develop individual pathways for parents through a range of practical and advisory services to meet the needs identified.

Home Visiting Service

A programme for families facing external challenges, issues and setbacks, supported through a one-to-one personalised service with a peer mentoring/volunteers with appropriate skills. Support will be tailored to suit a time scale of up to 12 weeks.

The aim is for families to:

  • Take ownership of the process and to become better prepared for future challenges.
  • Have an improvement in life skills
  • Be more involved in the community
  • Become stronger emotionally to deal with day-to-day life.

Family Support Groups

Structured advice groups in the community, based on parenting skills and interventions as identified by families.

The aim is to achieve:

  • Positive behaviour
  • Supporting children’s emotional wellbeing
  • Structured play sessions
  • Healthy snacks
  • Improving relationships, bridging the communication and learning gap between home and school
  • Increase community participation

Family Groups (including fathers)

 We will work with families and include fathers in the support process. This will be achieved by encouraging fathers’ views on parenting and the support needed. Groups will actively encourage fathers to participate and to be part of any intervention we carry out.

Peer Mentors Volunteer Opportunities

This programme will provide specialised training given to a small team of peer mentors/volunteers. This will enable them to deal with both environmental and personal challenges families face. It is hoped that the positive experience of the families receiving the support will lead to many of them wanting to become volunteers themselves. This in turn will lead to families being more confident in co-facilitating groups, seeking employment, attending training courses in addition to being a more active member of the community.

Focus Groups

To enable and empower parents to play a crucial role in how and what services we provide and develop to support families. To give families the services they need and want.


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